New Features

  • Automated Events now support lead field updates through Perform: Lead Field Updates. The Following Qualifiers can be used with this new function:Action Count From ListAction Count From List AND Field Values MatchNew Lead AutomationNew Lead AND Field Values MatchNew Lead AND Lead Source Match

New Automated Events


  • When creating a new user, the default home page is now the Lead Manager Screen.

  • Changes to ‘Release Pull’ action operations:When release timer is set on an action, leads actioned outside of Pull will no longer move up one level (Branch/ Corporate level) and will stay with the assigned user. However, the ‘Release Pull’ timer is still honored. This is useful if the lead needs to be assigned to the Corporate or Branch level for Pull Distribution. The release timer is still honored to prevent back to back calling from a group of users. 

Release Pull Action Operation

Maintenance/ Bug Fixes

  • Optimizations to Captcha on the ClickPoint application login page.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Welcome Page’ sometimes would not disappear for new users.

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