New Features

  • Multi select options from Home and My Leads list views. Available multi select options include Add Note, Send Email, Transfer, and Action.

  • Transfer screen with incorporation of account hierarchy options.

  • Added Transfer option from quick menu in lead lists. 

  • Added a new splash page for Android. 

Optimizations & Changes 

  • Email screen rewrite.

  • Lead lists are now sorted by Last Update instead of Date Added.

  • Dismissals from the Notifications screen are now easier to select.

  • Quick menu in lead lists is now easier to select. 


  • Added error handling in Pull screen for instances of poor network connection that could cause an app crash.

  • Fixed an issue where notifications would not deploy if the user had multiple devices.

  • Fixed brightening and dimming effect that could occur when receiving multiple in-app notifications.

  • Fixed an issue where lead fields were uneditable depending on the field group name.

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