New Features

  • The Holding Bin now supports a phone number search so that inbound callers do not have to input a reference code

  • When a user receives an inbound call, an audible sound will accompany the toolbar notification for Click to Accept functionality

Changes and Improvements

  • Updated SMS Text reply logic for lead reassignments

  • The lead node in call flows will now ignore any configured duplicate check

  • Optimizations to call requests

  • Call termination now automatically triggered if a lead hangs up

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for incorrect login message when an account is locked out

  • The lead node in call flows will now attribute the designated Marketing Channel or Campaign to new leads

  • Fixed an issue where voice mail drops were unable to be uploaded to a user’s profile

  • Fixed a Lead Manager Screen display issue for SMS Text icons

  • Fix for contactable time calculations

  • Dashboard report for Top Users by Pulls now calculates totals correctly


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