• History items on the Lead Details Screen now word wrap properly.

  • When setting distribution caps in Pull/Push distribution, the recipient list no longer gets scrambled. 

  • Update to prevent sending Appointment Created notifications when a user updates an existing appointment.

  • Fixed a race condition which sometimes allowed leads which were invalidated to get pulled. 


  • Optimizations made to lead sync service to use a higher performing service bus.

  • Minor performance improvements and backend logging for bulk notifications.


  • API Optimizations related to handling inbound calls.

  • Reduced the audible alert volume to 40% for incoming calls. 

  • Fixed a bug related to recording audio files for Voice Mail Drops.

  • Fixed a bug related to sometimes preventing a user from transferring calls into either a Call Flow or to another RingResponse user.

  • When creating a Text SMS template, the message now word wraps correctly within the user interface when referencing a URL.

  • Fixed an issue on Round Robin call distribution to more appropriately alert the next user if the previous user dismisses a call.

  • Calls Column now exports appropriately with the total number of inbound calls, outbound calls and voicemails on a lead.

  • Completed user interface updates to the Text SMS Messaging Center when dealing with leads with no first or last name.

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