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Patch Notes February 19th, 2020 *Rolled Back*
Patch Notes February 19th, 2020 *Rolled Back*
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Please be aware that due to a service deployment issue, our weekly publish scheduled for the evening of 2/19 was partially deployed but then reverted. All items scheduled for deployment in the below patch notes will be delayed until further notice.

Our Development and Support teams are working to isolate and resolve the issue. Once we are confident in resolution, we will reschedule the deployment and supply the appropriate patch notes.

ClickPoint Lead Manager


  • User will now be notified from the ClickPoint application toolbar when there are new product updates


  • When executing an action that has a transfer operation configured, the user executing the action will have the ability to transfer the lead to themself


  • Routine database maintenance 

  • Caching procedure maintenance

  • Back-end maintenance on how appointment attendees are handled

  • Enhanced Pull Distribution audits to better track Pull performance

  • TLS Cypher Suite updates

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