Improvements (ClickPoint Lead Manager)

  • Adjustment to increase max Windows AKS node scaling.

  • Improvements to ClickPoint Webhook AKS service monitor.

  • Improvements to ClickPoint Distribution AKS service monitor.

  • Fixed a bug related to displaying contents of the Notification Flag when the toolbar is collapsed. 

  • Migrate ClickPoint Billing service to Windows AKS.

  • Migrate Lead Nurture to Windows AKS service.

  • Migrate User Notification to Windows AKS service.

  • Migrate Lead DNC Check service to Windows AKS.

  • Migrate Unworked Leads Queue service to Windows AKS.

  • Improvement to Windows AKS to increase high-availability rate.

  • Improvements to prevent Cosmos Duplicate Check service from evaluating against invalid leads.

Improvements (RingResponse)

  • Migrate Database Messaging service to Windows AKS.

  • Optimizations to increase loading of Call History on the Lead Details Screen.

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