ClickPoint Lead Manager

New Feature

  • ClickPoint Lead Manager - Major enhancements to Lead Manager Search. You can read about the update here: Searching your Leads


  • RingResponse - Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent a newly created Call Flow draft from loading on the screen.

  • RingResponse - When your account has funds manually applied to it, or via auto-recharge, we will send an email notification configured within the Billing Overview page.

  • RingResponse - Backend tools to facilitate bulk phone number updates.

  • ClickPoint Lead Manager - Updates to Linux node scaling profiles.

  • ClickPoint Lead Manager - Backend improvements to Bridge API used within internal systems.

  • RingResponse - HTML/CSS updates for email templates used for billing notification.

  • Five9 Integration - HTML/CSS updates to email templates used for error notification.

  • RingResponse - Remove application feature flag for User Call Status Report.

  • ClickPoint Lead Manager - Convert Call Monitor application to Azure DevOps

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