How to Use Pipeline

Use pipeline to estimate your open and pending sales. Pipeline can help give you a better picture of receivables and future sales.

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Pipeline is a feature that is used in conjunction with Products. As a salesperson, you can add products to your lead and manually edit things like expected close date and probability to close. Couple with adding these to your Lead Manager Screen column layout, you can easily keep track of upcoming deals.

Accessing Edit Pipeline

  • In the Lead Details, open the lead by double clicking or clicking the view lead button (eyeball icon) look for Additional Information. Find the Pipeline Tab (1) and the Edit Pipeline (2) button. 

  • You can also use the Edit Pipeline option on the Lead Manager Screen by selecting Update from the Action Center, Right-Click context menu, or through the Tool Bar. 

Edit Pipeline from Lead Details page.

Edit Pipeline from My Leads screen

Using the Pipeline

Once the Edit Pipeline modal is available, you can select the expected close date for the lead as well as the Probability to Close at this point in the Sales process.

  • Next step is to add a Product to the Lead and to set the price for the product if it did not exist previous to editing the Pipeline. 

  • After the Pipeline is set, the Pipeline Amount and Revenue can be seen from the Lead Manager Screen (if the columns are added) and in Lead Details.

Edit Pipeline modal dialog

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