Getting Started Administration

Getting started with ClickPoint lead manager including Basic settings, Advanced settings, and navigation

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Video Tutorials

Understand the purpose and functionality of ClickPoint and RingResponse features

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ClickPoint LeadManager Screen

Things you can do on the Lead Manager Screen

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ClickPoint LeadManager Administration

Admin and user settings articles for permissions, roles, and more

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RingResponse Communications IVR, Dialer, Text SMS

Articles relating to purchasing and assigning phone numbers, configuring call tracking, and Text SMS

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Mobile Application - IOS or Android

Get the ClickPoint Mobile application for mobile and field sales teams

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Reporting Articles

Articles that cover out of the box reports, configurable sales dashboard, and user scoreboards

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Articles that cover integrations with Nextiva, Softvu, Five9, and more

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Billing and Terms of Service

Manage and pay for ClickPoint and RingResponse

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Developer Resources & API

Articles to help your development team with the ClickPoint REST API

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Software Updates and Fixes

ClickPoint releases regularly scheduled software updates and bug fixes, you can find them here

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ClickPoint LeadManager Knowledge Base and Help Center

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These articles are intended for new clients working through the onboard process, though they may be helpful for anyone.

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