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Getting Started Administration

Getting started with ClickPoint lead manager including Basic settings, Advanced settings, and navigation

Video Tutorials

Understand the purpose and functionality of ClickPoint and RingResponse features

ClickPoint LeadManager Screen

Things you can do on the Lead Manager Screen

ClickPoint LeadManager Administration

Admin and user settings articles for permissions, roles, and more

RingResponse Communications IVR, Dialer, Text SMS

Articles relating to purchasing and assigning phone numbers, configuring call tracking, and Text SMS

Mobile Application - IOS or Android

Get the ClickPoint Mobile application for mobile and field sales teams

Reporting Articles

Articles that cover out of the box reports, configurable sales dashboard, and user scoreboards


Articles that cover integrations with Nextiva, Softvu, Five9, and more

Billing and Terms of Service

Manage and pay for ClickPoint and RingResponse

Developer Resources & API

Articles to help your development team with the ClickPoint REST API

Software Updates and Fixes

ClickPoint releases regularly scheduled software updates and bug fixes, you can find them here


ClickPoint LeadManager Knowledge Base and Help Center


These articles are intended for new clients working through the onboard process, though they may be helpful for anyone.