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Configure Scoreboard Report

Show off your team sales stats with scoreboard reports. Highlight achievement across your organization with stunning sales reports.

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A new feature in ClickPoint that provides a personalized Scoreboard for tracking of leads and gives a clear view of agent lead movement.

A great agent or team motivator; create Scoreboards and add to a large TV or monitor for all in the office to see the movement and sales of the company!

How to Add a Scoreboard

  • Click the arrow [1] located beneath the signed-in name

  • A drop-down menu will display

  • Click Settings [2]

  • Located under Reporting

  • Click Manage Scoreboards

Click Add Scoreboard

Name the Scoreboard and click Save

The newly created Scoreboard will now display

Click Settings

Click Add Slide button and a menu of reports will display

Click + to add a slide

Image 1.1 Choose A Slide Type

Notice the name of the Report is the title of the Slide, click the pencil icon to edit the name if you choose

Settings Wheel to Customize Title [3] – Select the time zone

Settings Wheel to Customize Widget [4] – Time zone, Fixed Dates, Rolling Dates, Reporting Tier and option to Filter

Change Background button [5], click this icon and you can choose the background of your slide to an Image or Video of your choice.

Image 1.2 Choose Background

Image 1.3 Edit Scoreboard

Notice: once a slide is created, you have the ability to add more slides.
You can select the time interval for the slides you create.

Share Link [6] is available with the intention of adding this link into a browser on a large monitor or TV. The link is located on the bottom left corner of the page.

Slide Interval [7], this is located on the bottom right corner of the page.

Image 1.5 Slide Interval and Share Link

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