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Configure Dashboard Report

Show off your team sales stats with dashboard reports. Highlight achievement across your organization with stunning sales reports.

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To find Dashboard Select Reports [1] from the displayed menu on the front interface of ClickPoint.

  • Click on Dashboard.

  • There is a prompting question to assist in creating charts.

  • Click Create Charts.

  • If you select to Create Charts, a few standard charts will populate for you; from here you can delete what you don’t like, organize the order by drag and drop, as well as have the option to Edit Page (see Edit Page button at the top left side of the screen).

Image 1.1 Create Charts

  • You can also add more than the standard given by clicking on Add Chart [2]; this populates a menu to choose other reports from.

  • You can Share the Page with others by clicking Share Page [3], copy the page by clicking Copy Page. Remove Page deletes the entire page.

  • Add Page [4] allows you to have multiple pages of charts.

Image 1.2 Add Chart / Add Page & other options

If you’d rather not start with the standard default by clicking Create Charts, you can also click the Add Page button.

  • Name the Page

  • Next click Add Chart; this populates a menu to choose reports from. You may select as many as you like, or even search for a certain report.

  • On each Dashboard Chart there are some icons available to give a more dialed in view of those charts.

Image 1.3 Create New Page

Image 1.4 Choose A Chart Type

Notice the Help icon (question mark icon), this gives a brief description for this chart.The Options icon (settings wheel), this gives anything from renaming the chart name, changing size of the chart, adding a time zone, selecting fixed date range or rolling dates with a drop down of a date range to select from, Reporting Tier to choose Branch or Agent and a Filter option.

Once complete selecting all options click Save To find more on Dashboard go to (provide link to Reports area in KB)

Image 1.5 Added Chart

Image 1.6 Configure Chart

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