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Sales scripts make it easy for new users to get your sales pitch down. Includes dynamic fields to create seamless sales presentations.

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Within ClickPoint, you can configure a sales script that is catered to each sales vertical. This allows you to on-board new sales agents even faster. When building a sales script, consider drafting it out in Microsoft Word or on paper before configuring in ClickPoint.

Navigating to the Script Editor 

Main menu

Create Lead Fields on Settings Page

  • Select More > Settings > Step 1: Create Lead Fields

  • On the Record/Lead Type you would like to add scripts, click the Script button (3)

  • Click on the Starting Segment (4) under Script Layout

  • Click Add Response (5) under Responses, here you will create new segments for each part of the sales script you are building

Record Type list

Script Editor


Think of this as a question and answer process while speaking with a potential customer or lead. Think about what questions your Users need to ask a lead in order to move them through the sales process.

The script system is completely dynamic. You can drive meaningful conversations from every potential lead. You can also greatly reduce the time it takes to get a new User off the ground by providing them with a dynamic script. The User will see and have access to these Scripts while using the Pull and Power Dial features.

While adding the segment notice the lead fields below the editor box, this personalizes the script by lead. The lead fields are clickable and will display in the text written. For instance, select FirstName or LastName lead fields and the lead data will populate in the script for a more personalized touch when speaking to the customer and allows the User to have all information needed in one place.

Once a segment is created click Save (6), you can build from here and add more segments.

Within Script Layout, once segments are built, you can grab and move those segments to build out step by step process for the scripts displaying as a script tree with multiple branches.

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