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Configure User and Sales Views

Configure the lead fields visible to your sales team when using Pull, Power Dialing, Lead Details Screen or the Mobile App.

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As an administrator, you can configure specific lead fields to display on specified screens to your users within ClickPoint. It is entirely likely you collect more fields of information than what is relevant to your sales team. Configure only those fields which are relevant for your team to close more deals. 

Navigating to Field Groups

  • Navigate to More > Settings > Create Lead Fields.

  • Select Edit next to the Record Type you wish to create your sales view. 

  • Select the middle tab for Field Groups. 

Editing your Field Groups

  • Select Add Field Groups to create blocks which can house your lead field data. You can drag and drop to organize the screen. Decide if you only want the fields to display on the Pull Page, Lead Details Screen, Quick Add/Edit or the Mobile App. Use Show Groups For to see what fields are visible on various parts of ClickPoint. 

Note - If any lead field is marked 'Required' on the Record Type, and they are not associated to a Field Group, they will automatically get added to a new group called 'Other'. You can of course configure and update this at any time.

  • Within your Field Group, select Add Field. Only those fields which are not a part of another Field Group are available to you. Once you add your lead fields, you can move them around with the group to designate their order. 

Note - If you need a lead field to show up on more than one screen, make sure to include the appropriate section within Show Groups For. 

Field Group Editor

  • By default, the lead field display name will default to description when you added your own fields within the Record Type. However, you can click within the field and update the name that appears to your users. 

Override Lead Field Description

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