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Five9 Predictive Dial Integration Overview
Five9 Predictive Dial Integration Overview

When leads are submitted to ClickPoint, have them synced with a list in Five9 and automatically dialed with a predictive solution.

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The Five9 Integration grants users the ability to automatically send leads to a Five9 List within a campaign which can be used for Automatic Dialing. Create a connector which is used to conduct a screen pop on connection which includes automatic lead assignment.

Note: Before you get started, within your Five9 Domain:

  • Make sure you add a new string datatype Contact Field named salesExecLeadGuid

  • This is used for record matching when processing updates, or when looking for a record in ClickPoint for the purposes of a screen pop. 

Activating Five9 within ClickPoint

The first part is activating the Five9 integration for ClickPoint. This shall be completed from the Manage Integrations page and then navigate to Company-Wide Services.

Update Five9 from Inactive to Active and then select View. This will allow you to configure the integration.  


Within the Five9 Integration, select Add Integration and then Add Map.

Select a Record Type from the drop down. You can have multiple Record Types within ClickPoint each with their own mapping setup. 

DNC Records in ClickPoint

Within ClickPoint, when a record is flagged Do Not Contact, the lead is automatically added to ClickPoint DNC list. When a new lead is added, the lead field designated as Phone is used to match and determine if a matching, existing record is already on your DNC list. Any lead which is flagged as DNC will not be sent to Five9 unless ‘Skip DNC Check on Insert’ is toggled to Enabled for ClickPoint.

Nightly DNC Service

As outlined by Five9, the window to update DNC records within Five9 is 11:00 PM – 6:00 AM Pacific Time. Any record flagged Do Not Contact in ClickPoint is transmitted to Five9 during this window. 

To use this service, you must enter the username and password of an Administrator with the ability to add leads to the DNC list within Five9.

Field Mapping

After selecting a Record Type, the next step is to add your field mappings.

List and Domain Name Mapping

This group allows you to configure your Five9 Domain, the List to send leads to and email for error handling. 

  • List Name: The List in Five9 which houses leads to call.

  • Domain Name: Your Five9 Domain name. If you are unsure of the Domain, make sure to reach out to Five9 support for assistance.

  • Five9 Time Zone: Send Date/Time fields formatted to the appropriate time zone for your Five9 Domain.

  • Error Notification Email: Email address used to send any error notifications to in the event there is an issue sending data to Five9. The email notification will allow the administrator the information needed to correct the error. 

Special Field Mapping

This grouping allows you to specify the Five9 field to send things like last action date and time, status name, and marketing information like Marketing Channel, Lead Source and Campaigns. 

Make sure that the fields defined within your list in Five9 are of the appropriate data type to accept the data ClickPoint transmits. For example, it would be invalid to a Phone Number into a field which houses date and time. This would result in an error.

  • Last Action Date: Date and Time of the last action selected. Follows the format of yyyy-MM-dd-HH:mm:ss.SSS

  • Last Action Name: The name of the last Action selected.

  • Next Appointment: The date and time of the next appointment. Follows the format of yyyy-MM-dd-HH:mm:ss.SSS

  • Status: The name of the Status the lead in ClickPoint moved to.

  • Status Change Date: The date and time of the last status change within ClickPoint. Follows the format of yyyy-MM-dd-HH:mm:ss.SSS

  • Campaign: The ClickPoint Campaign associated to this lead.

  • Marketing Channel: The Marketing Channel the lead is associated to in ClickPoint. 

  • Lead Source: The Lead Source the lead is associated to in ClickPoint

  • Assigned To: The ClickPoint user the lead is assigned to.

  • Lead Date Added: The date and time in which a new lead was added to ClickPoint. Follows the format of yyyy-MM-dd-HH:mm:ss.SSS

Lead Field Mapping

This section houses all the lead fields available within your Record Type in ClickPoint. Use this mapping to send additional fields of data.

Note: Make sure that at a minimum you are sending over fields like Phone, First Name and Last Name. If you fail to send over a Phone value, the Five9 Integration will send an email alerting the administrator of the error.


Trigger Events which Updates Five9

The following trigger events send an update to Five9 which will include all the fields of data mapped within the Five9 Integration. If the record already exists within Five9, a match is made based on salesExecLeadGuid, the record is then updated with the new information.

Trigger Events include: 

  • New Lead Created: Leads created via Import, leads created from the Holding Bin, Lead Post from lead providers or the New Lead function.

  • Appointment Added/ Updated: When an appointment is added or updated within ClickPoint.

  • Lead is Marked Do Not Phone (DNC): When a lead is flagged ‘Do Not Contact’ within ClickPoint. 

  • Action Execution: When an action is executed on a lead anywhere within ClickPoint.

  • Status Update: When a Status change takes place as a result of Action execution, Nurture Strategies or Automated Events. 

Screen Pop URL Connector

Five9 has connector functionality which executes depending on the trigger type. The Screen Pop URL will need to be configured within the connector within a Five9 Campaign which houses the List (List Name) configured in the ClickPoint integration. 

Screen Pop URL 

Required Parameter

  • Parameter Name: leadGuid

  • Value: @Customer.salesExecLeadGuid@

Additional Configuration

  • Execute in Browser: User External Browser for Java Agent/ Open in New Browser Window for Web Agent.

  • CTI Web Services: New Browser Window.


  • Configure for On Call Accepted or as business rules dictate.

Screen Pop Screen

On screen pop, the agent will be asked to log into their default browser if not already. The lead is then automatically assigned and the user is taken to the standard Lead Details Screen. The Lead Details Screen is customized based on the Sales Viewconfigured in your account. From this page, users will be able to update lead data, select actions, send emails or set appointments. 

Note: Actions or Dispositions are primarily selected within ClickPoint. On Action selection, ClickPoint will send an update to Five9 to update the record with the appropriate data. Outside of the Screen Pop URL configured within Five9, any dispositions executed within Five9 will not update records within ClickPoint.


In order to Click-to-Dial single leads within ClickPoint, each appropriate user will need to have RingResponse enabled within ClickPoint. RingResponse allows for local presence outbound dialing, Text Messaging etc.

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