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The PestPac integration allows you to create leads, locations, and tasks via dispositions in ClickPoint.

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ClickPoint's PestPac integration provides a configurable solution for creating leads, locations, and tasks. By configuring action triggers, you can choose which dispositions will initiate lead data transfer from ClickPoint to PestPac. Upon disposition, ClickPoint will execute a series of API calls, as seen below. The transferred data will consist of various field values contained in ClickPoint.

General Process Flow

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Configuring API Access

Once enabled, API access needs to be configured by inputting authorization credentials. Credentials will need to be provided by WorkWave before utilizing the integration. The following pieces of information will need to be obtained.

  • API Key

  • Tenant ID (Company Key)

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Username

  • Password

  • PestPac Host URL

Additionally, you will be required to set the API retry logic to account for request failures. Specifically, Retry Attempts and Retry Interval, as well as an email address for failure notifications. ClickPoint recommends two retry attempts with a ten-second interval.

After inputting all required fields, select Save Settings to save your configuration. Please note, the Save Settings button is only required for changes to the PestPac Settings section seen above. All other configurable items are automatically saved.

Setting Triggers for Data Transfers

After configuring your API credentials and retry settings, ClickPoint actions can be configured as triggers for data transfer from ClickPoint to PestPac. After selecting the Add Action button, you will be able to select any number and combinations of actions. Available actions are determined by the Record Type selection. More information on configuring actions can be found in the following article.

PestPac Endpoints

  • Location: Conduct a location search where options are presented and grouped by the BillTo location

  • Lead: Create a lead within a location

  • Task: Create a PestPac task

  • Service: Create a one-time as well as a recurring service

  • Credit Card: Fetch credit cards associated to a BillTo location as well as the ability to add a new credit card

Field Mappings for Data Transfer

The Mapped Fields section of the integration page covers the following.


The Category column signifies the related PestPac module for each row consisting of Location, Lead, and Task.

PestPac Field

This column is representative of each PestPac field for a given module. As a result, there are duplicates for fields that can be contained in multiple PestPac modules.

ClickPoint Field

ClickPoint fields are the available fields from a given Record Type that can be mapped to a PestPac field. More information regarding lead field configuration in ClickPoint can be found in the following article.

Required for Validation

The validation option allows you to specify fields that are required before selecting a PestPac disposition trigger. When a field is marked as Required, it will prevent the API integration from triggering and inform the user to update the field in ClickPoint before attempting to execute the disposition again.

Location Search Option

The fields under this group are used for finding company Locations within PestPac. We recommend starting with configuring your Phone lead fields to Optional.

  • For example, if you use Phone as a search parameter, the results presented to a user are based on a match of Phone for a given BillTo with all locations for that BillTo presented underneath. A user can either choose a location or decide to create a new one.

Note: The integration requires that the following fields are configured. These required fields supersede those fields marked as Optional.

Location - Division

Location - Source

Location - Type

Additionally, at least one of the following Location fields must be mapped to enable Location searching: Phone, AlternatePhone, MobilePhone.

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