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Email Campaigns with Experian CCMP

Leverage Experian CCMP for email distribution using ClickPoint automation

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The CCMP integration is available as a standard email integration for any ClickPoint account. By utilizing ClickPoint Automated Events email deployments can be triggered from ClickPoint and deployed by Experian CCMP. This guide will provide contextual information as well as a step-by-step guide configuration guide.


API Post ID: The post ID determines which email deployment the automated event will call for. The post IDs are provided by Experian CCMP and are configured from the Integration page.

Field Requirements: The Field Requirements are the necessary components that are needed in order for emails to deploy after the request is sent from the Automated Event. The fields are configured by Experian CCMP and will be provided when configuring new campaigns. If Field Requirements are not provided they will need to be requested.

Marketing Suite Configuration

Associated Configuration in Automated Events - Post Parameters

Marketing Suite Configuration Table: The configuration table is configured through Marketing Suite by Experian CCMP. The table houses the needed email campaigns, API Post IDs, and the field requirements.

Campaign Types: Campaign Types are the API Endpoints configured by Experian CCMP. If not provided by Experian they will need to be obtained before configuration in ClickPoint can occur. The associations in ClickPoint are configured from the Integration page and can vary by API Post ID as seen below.

Normal:  Send campaigns, and save data into the database on the Experian side.

Instant Trigger: Instant Triggers (like a password reset/ request) which sends the campaign immediately without saving information in the Experian database, prior to sending the campaign.

Step-By-Step Guide

Obtain all necessary information from Experian CCMP. Needed information includes Username, Password, API Post IDs, Field Requirements for Post Parameters, and Campaigns/Campaign Types.

Associate the Username, Password, API Post IDs, and Campaign Types from the Integration Page. Additionally, retry rules and failure notifications can be configured.

Once all necessary information is entered, the integration can be enabled.
Note: Email deployments will not occur until they are configured as Automated Events.

Navigate to Automated Events.Settings>Step 4: Automated Events

Select "Add Automated Event."

You will now be directed to a blank events page. In general, it is best practice to associate the "Event Name" with the campaign names provided by Experian CCMP.

Define the available Qualifiers and if necessary, the Matching Fields Values. These definitions along with the Record Type define the rules in which the Automated Event will initiate the API Post to Experian CCMP.

The right hand side of the page defines the CCMP trigger, Operation Types (as defined by the information entered into the Integration page), and the Post Parameters as provided by Experian CCMP from Step 1.

Once all necessary information is input the Event can be saved from the Top Right of the page.

Once configuration has been completed, email deployments will be initiated based on the rules defined from the Integration page and Automated Event(s). Please contact Experian for assistance with tracking deployments as well as email statistics. If confirmation of API Posts from ClickPoint is needed, please contact our Support team.

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