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Sales Workflow - Automated Events

Automated events allow you to maximize the effectiveness of every sales milestone, status *we recommend assistance from a success manager

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Note: This article is related to a legacy version of automated events.

An Automated Event extends additional functionality based on events like Newly Added Leads or number of Action selections. You can do things like update lead fields on lead creation based on preset rules, send email templates when a lead is added, or add nurture strategy on lead insert.

Configuring Automated Events

  • Navigate to More > Settings > Automated Events

  • Select Add Automated Event and add an Event Name, configure the appropriate events based on your business rules. 

Note: Use a descriptive enough Event Name so that you can easily reference what it is supposed to perform. This makes for easier navigation. 

Configure Automated Event

Automated Event Condition

A Qualifier is a set of rules that must take place within the ClickPoint application in order for an event to happen as configured in the Action section on the right hand side of the screen. 

Qualifier Types

  • Action Count from List: Perform a function after a set of actions are used a configurable amount of times. 

  • Action Count from List and Field Values Match: After a configurable set of actions have met a set Action Count, you can also specify qualifying matching field data.

  • New Lead Automation: Allows you to trigger an automated event every time a new lead is added to ClickPoint.

  • New Lead and Field Value Matches: When a new lead is added to ClickPoint, configurable lead field data is also used as part of the evaluation criteria. 

  • New Lead and Lead Source Matches: When a new lead is added to ClickPoint, the Lead Source associated to the lead is used as part of the evaluation criteria. 

Automated Event Action

Under Perform, select the event that is set to happen after a qualifying set of criteria is met. 

  • Send Template: Send an email template.

  • Set Status: Set a lead to a new status within a workflow.

  • Add to Nurture: Add a qualifying lead to a Nurture Strategy.

  • Lead Field Updates: Update a configured set of lead fields to equal another value. This is good when you want to augment marketing data in a lead field in which your Lead Provider may not be able to provide. 

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