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Control How Leads are Updated with Automated Events
Control How Leads are Updated with Automated Events

Use automated events to control when your leads are updated or to nurture leads based on your business needs.

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An automated event extends additional functionality based on events like newly added leads or the number of "action" selections. Using Automated Events, you can specify delays and dictate when events should be executed.

Add New Automated Event

Select Create Automated Event, be sure to add a descriptive name, and select the Trigger Type as well as the Lead Type (your record type).

  • Trigger Type - New Lead: Add leads to your automated event when they are created.

  • Trigger Type - Action Executed: Add leads to your automated events after actions are taken.

Configuration Options

Basic Information

  • Name: Your Automated Event Name

  • Enable/Disable: Activate or deactivate an automated event

  • Trigger Type: Either New Lead or Action Executed

    • Note: If you configured an automated event for Action Execution, you will be required to configure those actions which would trigger the event.

  • Delay: This indicates how long before the automated event should execute.

    • If you leave the value set to 0, the automated event is triggered immediately if there are no execution hours configured.

    • If you include a delay (in minutes), the lead is qualified twice against your configured criteria. Once when the automated event is triggered, and again after the time delay.


The Criteria section dictates which leads qualify for the automated event.

Note: It is important to note that if you use a time delay configured under Basic Information, a lead must meet the criteria at the time of execution, as well as after the delay when the automated event completes.

Lead Criteria

  • Lead Source

  • Marketing Channel

  • Campaign

  • Lead Status

  • Lead Ownership (lead assignment)

  • Minimum Age of Lead in Minutes

  • Maximum Age of Lead in Minutes

Lead Field Criteria

These are unique to your account and allow you to qualify your leads for an automated event via lead field values.

Lead Action Criteria

These are unique to your account and allow you to qualify your leads for an automated event based on actions that have been executed on a lead.

Allowed Execution Window

The execution window allows you to dictate when an automated event would qualify based on the lead's timezone. If we are unable to determine the lead's timezone, you are allowed to specify a default via the Time Zone dropdown. A few things to know about Execution Hours:

  • If you do not specify a Delay configured under Basic Information, and you don't have an execution window, your automated event will complete immediately.

  • If you have a configured execution window, we will only process your automated event assuming the time of completion is within that window (we will delay until the execution window is open). For example:

    • You have a delay of 60 minutes, and your automated event has an execution window between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

    • Your lead is added to your record type at 6:00 AM.

    • After a 60-minute delay, the time is not 7:00 AM. We will wait one more hour until 8:00 AM to process the automated event.


Events are the actions that take place when automations are triggered. You can group multiple update events into a single automation.

Note: As the feature set matures, additional events will be added.

  • Set Status: This allows you to update a lead to a new status within your workflow.

  • Add To Nurture: This allows you to set a lead to a configured nurture event.

  • Send Email Template: This allows you to send an email template to the lead.

  • Configuration Web Call: This allows you to send lead data out of your system to another platform. Perhaps you want to send lead data to a third-party system or another record type.

  • Configuration Lead Field Updates: On a qualifying event, update one or more lead fields to a set value.

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