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Create and Test a New Lead Automated Event
Create and Test a New Lead Automated Event
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Automated Events are used to create trigger-based automation, like sending an email template out to a new lead immediately after the lead record is created.

To create an Automated Event for new leads:

  1. Navigate to More > Settings > Automated Events.

  2. Click the green Add Automated Event button and start by adding a descriptive name for your Automated Event.

  3. In the Condition section, select New Lead Automation as your Qualifier*, then select the Record Type that the automation should be applied to.

    *The New Lead Automation qualifier is being used specifically for the purposes of this article to create automation that will apply to all new leads. You can reference this article for details on the other available qualifiers.

  4. In the Perform section, you will set the action that takes place when your condition is met. Send Template and Add to Nurture are the most commonly used actions, especially for New Lead Automation.

    1. For the Send Template action, select the template to send and the user account that will act as the sender for the automated email.

      If you have not yet created any email templates, you can learn how to do so here.

    2. For the Add to Nurture action, simply select the Nurture Campaign you want the leads added to.

      If you have not yet created a Nurture Campaign, you can learn how to do so here.

  5. Click the green Save button to save your new Automated Event.

  6. To test your New Lead Automation, create a new test lead and verify that the configured action is performed as expected.

    If your automation is set to send an email template or add the lead to a nurture campaign that will send an email template, be sure to create your test lead with an email address that you have access to so you can confirm that the email is delivered to the inbox.

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