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Create a Nurture Strategy
Create a Nurture Strategy
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To familiarize yourself with configuring automation in ClickPoint, let's start by walking through how to create a basic nurture strategy.

  1. Navigate to More > Settings > Nurture Campaigns

  2. Click the green Create Strategy button, then enter the details for your new nurture strategy.

    Name - this should be a unique and descriptive name for your nurture strategy
    Owner - the owner determines which users can manually add leads to the nurture strategy (if users are configured with the permission to do so). If a nurture strategy should be specific to a single team, select the team's branch as the owner, otherwise set the owner to the corporate level.
    Description (optional) - You can add a description of the purpose of the nurture strategy
    Enabled - Use the toggle to select if the strategy should be enabled or disabled

    Click Create New Strategy to save the details and create your nurture strategy.

  3. Your strategy will now be available in the strategies list. Click edit (the pencil icon) to configure the automation rules.

  4. On the left side of the Edit Strategy page, you can make changes to the strategy details. On the right side of the page, you can add nurture events. There are several types of nurture events that you can add - this article provides additional details on each one.

    We will only be using two nurture events to create our basic nurture strategy. The most common use of a nurture strategy is to create time-based automation, like a drip-email campaign. Let's start by adding a Wait event.

    Click the Wait button and select the time duration you would like your strategy to wait for before it executes the next event.

    Click Save to add the event to your strategy. Next, let's add an event to send an email template.

    Click the Send Template button, then select the email template that the strategy should send. If you have not yet created an email template, you will not have any templates available to select and you can review this article for instructions on adding a template.

    When you have additional nurture strategies created, you can set rules for a lead to be moved into a different nurture strategy based on how they interact with the email you sent. For now, we will leave these settings blank.

    Click Save to finish adding your email template event to the strategy.

  5. You can now click Save Strategy and you will be directed back to the list of nurture strategies.

    If you would like to test your nurture strategy by manually adding a lead to nurture, navigate to the My Leads page, select a test lead from your lead list, then click the Nurture menu from the top bar and select your nurture strategy.

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