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Create an Email Template
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You can create email templates that can be sent to your leads manually or by using different automation methods. Here's how you can create an email template:

  1. Navigate to More > Settings > Email Templates.

  2. Start by adding a new group - Groups are used to organize and categorize your email templates.

    Click Add New Group and add a name to your new email group.

  3. Now click Add New Template to create a new email template.

  4. Enter the details for your email template.

    Name - use a unique and descriptive name for your email template.
    Group - select the appropriate group that your template should be added to for categorization and organization purposes.
    Owner - select an account to act as an owner of the email template. If the template should only be available to be used by a specific user or team, select that user or the branch corresponding with the team that needs access to use the template. To allow all users to use the template, either select the corporate level account as the owner OR ensure the Share With Other is enabled.
    Subject - add the subject line of the email template that will be seen by recipients.

  5. Add the body content of your email template. You can use the template editor to add images, hyperlinks, text formatting, HTML, etc.

    You can use the Lead Fields and System Fields sections to the left to add tags for inserting variable lead or system data into the email body.

  6. If you wish to send a preview of your template to yourself, click Preview Template and enter your email address. Please note that variable lead and system field tags will not populate with data when using the preview function.

    Click Save Template to save your changes and finish creating your email template.

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