Text SMS Templates

Draft Text Message Templates to quickly engage and connect with your leads.

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Much like email templates, you can draft SMS Text templates which allow your users to quickly engage with your leads. To create and edit templates, navigate to Text SMS Templates found within ClikPoint's Settings page. 

Creating Groups

First step is to create a group to house your templates. This makes navigation by your users much easier. Create groups for things related to your products or seasonal promotional messages. 

Creating Groups

Creating Templates

Once you have created your groups, select Add Template which will display the template editor.

 Configuring a Text SMS Template

  1. Lead Fields - Inject lead fields associated to your lead directly into your template like the lead's first name, or a product. 

  2. Name - Provide a descriptive template name for easy navigation. 

  3. Group - Associate this template to a group.

  4. Owner - Define who owns the template. 

Note: The owner determines who has access to a template. If the corporate level owns the template, all ClickPoint users have access. If a particular Branch has ownership, only those users associated under that branch hierarchy has access. 

After you create your template, your sales team can now use this template via the Messaging Center or an administrator can use it within an action in a workflow

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