Sending Text SMS Messages

Increase your opportunities to connect and close more deals by sending Text SMS Messages to your leads through ClickPoint with RingResponse

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As a RingResponse user within ClickPoint, you have the opportunity to have two-way text message conversations with your leads. You can either send templates crafted for you by your company, send through an action, or compose one off messages. 

Enable Text Messages

To enable the SMS feature, navigate to More>Settings>RingResponse Features, and then at the bottom, you will see the “Enable” button for the “RingResponse Text SMS”.

Sending a Message

Messages can be sent from the Lead Manager Screen, Lead Details Screen as well as the Pull /Power Dial Screen. 

Once you select a lead, you can initiate a text through the tool-bar, right-click context menu or the communication column. When you select Compose, the Message Center will display.

Text SMS Interaction Options

You also have the option of adding the selected lead (or multiple leads) the Messaging Center through the Text SMS icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. If you are on the Lead Details Screen, or the Pull Page, use this option to open the Message Center. 

Text SMS Button

Message Center

Once you have elected to send a message, the Message Center will display. You have the option to search leads in which you have ongoing conversations, dismiss them as well as compose custom messages or send a template.

Under Lead Summary, navigate to the Lead Details Screen by selecting the name, see the current status of the lead as well as see the participants in the conversation.

Message Center

Note: When composing a message, you can inject lead field data but only those lead fields with data will display in the message.

Receiving Inbound Text Messages

When a lead responds, a numerical value and a slide-out previews the message to the user the lead is assigned to (the user must have RingResponse SMS enabled for their account). Select the Text SMS icon to open the message. 

Inbound Routing Rules

ClickPoint will automatically route incoming text messages based on a few separate conditions. Generally speaking, it is recommended that the first text message sent to a lead is user submitted. In this way, ClickPoint will always have a user reference for inbound routing. Below is a breakdown of the underlying routing rules.

  • If the lead is assigned to a user, they will get the text message reply.

  • If the lead is assigned to a non-user, such as a Branch or Corporate location , it will assign the message and the lead to the last user who sent the lead a text message

  • If the lead is sent a message through automation (and no user has sent a message previously), the message is maintained at the non-user assignment level (Corporate or Branch)

Sending a Template through an Action

ClickPoint administrators have the ability to send a template within an action configured in the workflow. These templates are carefully constructed so make sure you discuss these with your manager.


ClickPoint already takes care of compliance for you. An opt-in template crafted by your company is sent automatically when required as well as the required opt-out message. 

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