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SMS for ClickPoint Mobile

SMS for ClickPoint Mobile

Written by Anders Uhl
Updated over a week ago

SMS for ClickPoint Mobile takes advantage of the currently configured RingResponse integration for an account. Administrative functions such as purchasing a number, configuring templates, and automation can be done when logged into the ClickPoint solution through a supported browser. 

SMS Administration 

Sending a Message

SMS texts can be sent from four different areas within ClickPoint Mobile. This article will cover how to send a message from each area.

Quick Menu

From the Home or My Leads screen, an SMS text can be sent to a lead by selecting the collapsed menu icon and pressing the Send Message option.

Lead Details

From within the lead details screen, a Messages button will be available from the bottom menu. To initiate a message, simply select the Messages button and send your message.

Pull Screen

From within the Pull screen, you may send an SMS text during your pull session. We recommend that messages are sent after attempting your phone call, and before you disposition the lead.

To initiate a message, simply select the Message icon from the top menu and send your message. 

Messages Screen

Active conversations are accessible from the Messages screen. To navigate to the Messages screen, select the collapsed menu from the top left of the screen and select Messages.

From here, you can select any of your active conversations to send a new message or open unread messages.

Additionally, by selecting the Edit button from the top right-hand side of the screen, you can select multiple conversations and close them to remove them from your list.

Templates and Variables

After configuring SMS templates in your ClickPoint account, you will have the ability to send those templates from within any conversation. Additionally, lead field values will be able to be inserted by using the Variables option. Both options are available by selecting the "+" icon next to the Type a message dialogue.

Receiving a Message

Upon receiving an inbound text message, ClickPoint will send a notification to your device informing you that you have a new message and display the first part of the message. Selecting the notification from within the app will open the conversations. Selecting the notification will the app is minimized will open ClickPoint Mobile and you will be able to find your message from the Messages screen shown above. 

Please note, inbound message notifications from within the pull screen will open the conversation in the background. Upon exiting your pull session, your new message will be displayed.  

*To send SMS texts, verification is required. This process is essential to confirm the legitimacy of the business and establish a secure connection for SMS communication. Without verification, any and all SMS texts will fail. Learn more about A2P verification here: SMS Profile Verification for A2P 10DLC

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