Compliance - SMS Text Opt-In and Opt-Out

To help you remain compliant, we automatically send a configurable Opt-In template. Before any SMS Text is sent, a lead must opt-in.

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Before you get started with sending text messages to your leads, you may want to configure a custom SMS Text Opt-in Template that is used across your account. The very first text message sent to a new lead will always be your Opt-In template. The Opt-In message is triggered and queued first when you attempt to send a SMS Text template or compose a message through the Messaging Center. 

Configure your Opt-In Template

If you have sufficient user permission levels, you can configure the SMS Opt-In template for your ClickPoint account. You want to make sure it is generic enough especially if you have different record types for various types of products. 

You can configure your Opt-In template by navigating to Text SMS Templates via the ClickPoint settings page. 

Configure Opt-In Template

Using the Opt-In Template

When you initiate the very first text message to a lead, ClickPoint will automatically send the Opt-In template before your initial message is sent. The lead will have to opt-in to receiving text messages to get your original message or any future ones and this happens for every lead (even duplicates).

Opt-In Template Sent

To view the status of an Opt-In template, you can view in the Messaging Center, via the Text History on the Lead Details Screen or searching for the lead in your Do Not Contact List. The statuses are:

  • Sent: The account's Opt-In template message has been sent.

  • Not Sent: The Opt-In message has not been sent to the phone number. 

  • Accepted: The phone number has replied with START to the Opt-In message.

  • Rejected: The phone number has replied with STOP to the Opt-in message. 

Note: Every message sent to a lead will append the following to the end of the message to help you remain compliant.
Reply STOP to opt-out of future text communications.

Opt-In Status via Text History

*To send SMS texts, verification is required. This process is essential to confirm the legitimacy of the business and establish a secure connection for SMS communication. Without verification, any and all SMS texts will fail. Learn more about A2P verification here: SMS Profile Verification for A2P 10DLC

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