Filtering SMS Opt-Outs from Notifications

Update SMS user notifications to suppress opt-out requests

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When a lead elicits an SMS opt-out request by responding with STOP, the system will automatically present the notification to the user assigned the conversation. By utilizing the suppression feature, users will only see notifications for conversations where a lead wishes to engage via text message. Suppression can be beneficial to help qualify viable opportunities and streamline the sales process.


  • When suppression is enabled, a lead's unsubscribe request is still honored, and the phone number associated with the lead is still automatically added to your Do Not Contact repository as an opt-out

  • STOP replies are still maintained within the conversation history from the message center and Lead Details History


Filtering SMS opt-outs can be configured from the RingResponse Text SMS integration page. As a result, only users with administrative access can enable suppression. Additionally, suppression can only be enabled or disabled globally.

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Select Integrations from the Administration section

  3. Select View from the RingResponse Text SMS tile

  4. Toggle on Enable Filter Opt-Outs

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