SMS Opt-In

The SMS Opt-In is a helpful compliance tool for engaging with leads with SMS

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By default, the SMS Opt-in feature is enabled to send an opt-in message to a lead when an SMS message is sent.

Before the intended SMS message is delivered to a lead, the Opt-in template will be sent. The Opt-in message will ask the recipient to reply START in order to receive further correspondence via text message. This will ensure that you are compliant and have received explicit consent from your leads before sending SMS messages.

Additional information about the SMS Opt-in feature and how to customize the opt-in template can be found here.

Note: If you are certain that you and all of your lead providers are capturing consent to communicate via SMS for all of your leads, it is possible to turn off the SMS opt-in feature by toggling the "Always send Opt-In Templates" setting to No.

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