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Configure a Phone Number for SMS Text Messages

Configure a phone number for the purposes of sending a Text Message

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Before you can start sending text messages to your leads, you must first purchase a phone number (if you don't already have one to spare) and properly configure it. 

Note: You can purchase multiple phone numbers and designate them for SMS Text. However, ClickPoint will pick a configured number at random. 

Number Configuration

To start, navigate to the Manage Numbers screen and select the gear icon. Enable Allow SMS. You can define to use this number as a default but please note, if you have multiple default numbers, ClickPoint will pick one at random. 

After configuration is complete, you are ready to start sending text messages to your leads. 

Phone Number Configuration

*To send SMS texts, verification is required. This process is essential to confirm the legitimacy of the business and establish a secure connection for SMS communication. Without verification, any and all SMS texts will fail. Learn more about A2P verification here: SMS Profile Verification for A2P 10DLC

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