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Compliance - DNC Check for SMS, Emails, Calls

ClickPoint automatically does a DNC check when new leads are added to help you remain compliant.

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When new leads are added into the ClickPoint solution, they are automatically evaluated against your Do Not Contact list (unless otherwise configured). Depending on the flag, ClickPoint will prevent your sales teams from performing specific functions. We do a check in a number of ways depending on the DNC check type. 

  • Do Not Phone: We do an exact match based on the lead's phone and prevent the lead from being worked via pull distribution, or for those who are a RingResponse user, from being called on the Lead Manager Screen, Lead Details Screen or via Power Dialing. 

  • Do Not Email: We prevent the sending of any emails to any leads flagged Do Not Email. 

  • Do Not Text: Any lead flagged Do Not Text will prevent ClickPoint from sending any SMS Text messages to including the required Opt-In. 

SMS Opt-In Statuses 

The DNC repository will also keep track of SMS Opt-In status by phone number.

  • Sent: The account's Opt-In template message has been sent.

  • Not Sent: The Opt-In message has not been sent to the phone number. 

  • Accepted: The phone number has replied with START to the Opt-In message.

  • Rejected: The phone number has replied with STOP to the Opt-in message. 

Note: When it comes to SMS Text opt-ins, even if a lead is not flagged Do Not Text, we will always send an Opt-In request. This applies to all leads. 


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