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Compliance - Using the Do Not Contact Portal

Ensure you are compliant with DNC (Do Not Contact) list request by prospects and leads.

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The Do Not Contact Portal is used for those individuals who do not require full ClickPoint access and only need to manage entries on the Do Not Contact List. The portal is primarily used for those organizations who need to manually add external entries to ClickPoint's Do Not Call List. 

Accessing the Portal

Note: You may have a custom domain which is used to access the Do Not Contact Portal. If you are not sure, please be sure to check with your ClickPoint administrator. 

Logging into Do Not Contact Portal

Adding a Lead to the Do Not Contact List

  • To add a new entry, select Add Do Not Contact. A modal window will display allowing you to enter the appropriate information. 

  • When complete, select Save and Add Another to add another record or Save and Close to close the modal window. 

Add a new record to Do Not Contact List

Updating an Existing Record

  • After an entry is created, you can configure how that that lead (if added to ClickPoint) is treated when created. 

Update an Existing Record

Searching for a Record

If needed, you can select Manage Filters to filter existing entries. Examples include looking for a phone number, an email address, by last name, records marked only as Do Not Email, etc. 


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