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Compliance - Importing DNC Records

Import records into your DNC repository.

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1. Navigate to the Settings page.

2. Select Do Not Contact List

3. Select Import

4. The Import for DNC List modal will be displayed, and from the modal, select Download Sample for a templated reference file.

5. Your browser will initiate the download for the templated reference file. Following the download, navigate to your download folder, and open the file labeled as DNCImport

6. The template will contain all available headers. From the templated reference file, you can either manually input the name and contact information or paste in these values from a separate file.

7. For each row, you will need to input either TRUE or FALSE for the appropriate DNC options such as DoNotEmail, DoNotPhone, DoNotMail, DoNotKnock, or DoNotText.

8. After inputting your data, save the file to your local machine.

9. Navigate back to the ClickPoint application and from the Import for DNC List modal, select the Select File option.

10. A Windows dialogue box will open, from this screen navigate to where you saved the DNCImport file, select the file, and then select Open.

11. After selecting Open, the Windows dialogue box will close, and your selected file will be visible from the Import for DNC List modal in the ClickPoint application.

12. Select Import and Close to initiate the import.

13. Upon completion of the import, the Import for DNC List modal will close, and your records will be displayed within the Do Not Contact Info page.

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