Creating Record Types

Create Record Types for specific products or industry types. Record Types house sales workflows, lead fields and lead data.

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Record types are used to segment out different sales workflows and lead field data. It is okay to group the same type of product within a single Record Type providing the sales process is similar. Consider separating out a Record Type if captured lead data and sales processes differ between your product types.

To create Record Type:

  • Select More > Settings 

  • Within the heading of Get Leads Into ClickPoint. Click Step 1: Create Lead Fields.

  • First Click Add Record Type and then enter a name.

  • Create from a selection of templates or leave blank to include basic field data.

  • Status is OFF as a default; you must click Status to Enable and turn it on. If you are configuring a new Record Type, leave disabled until you are ready for your sales team to use. 

  • Enable Skip DNC Check on Insert if you wish to ignore the automatic Do Not Call check on lead creation. This is useful if at one point in the past, a lead asked to marked 'Do Not Contact' but perhaps they filled out a new lead form asking for more information about your services. 

  • Then select Save.

Sidebar Menu and Settings

  • When you add a new Record Type, when enabled, is visible when you navigate to My Leads.

Note: Drag and drop the order of your Record Types to change the order in your My Lead list. 


Adjust Record Type Order

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