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Send emails through SoftVu

Automatically trigger emails from your SoftVu account as leads move through your sales cycle in ClickPoint.

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This email integration within ClickPoint allows users the ability to automatically trigger email campaigns within SoftVu as you add new leads or if your leads move through your sales cycle/ workflow statuses.

Lead Field Setup

Before you start with your mapping,  you will need to create the following four fields as they are required for the integration. They alert you of milestones like when an email was opened, or clicked (including the Subject) and also allow you to dictate priority which is then used in things like Pull Distribution strategies. 

  • SoftVuEmailClickedTimestamp - Date/Time data type

  • SoftVuEmailOpenedTimestamp - Date/Time data type

  • SoftVuEmailOpenedSubject - Textbox data type

  • SoftVuSortPriority - Whole Number data type

To setup these fields, navigate to the Edit Record Type page and select Add Field. Make sure to give your new fields a descriptive name and make sure you create all four fields. 

Tip: Enable these on the Lead Manager Screen as well as the Lead Details Screen to help your sales team prioritize their leads. 

Adding the SoftVu Integration

Navigate to More > Integrations and then Add the SoftVu integration. You will navigate to the configuration page page automatically. Make sure to select Add Integration.

Note: The Authorization Key is provided by SoftVu. Make sure to obtain this from your SoftVu representative, enter into the Authorization Key section and when ready, select Save Settings. 

Under the appropriate Record Type, select Enable. All of your mapping options will appear. 

Mapping Options

The first set of options allow you to specify if you want to send a default lead source value for all leads (regardless of their lead source designation in ClickPoint), map fields for phones, products etc. 

  • Default Lead Source Name - Useful if you already have your lead source setup in SoftVu. Enter the name of your existing lead source and have all lead updates in ClickPoint trigger the associated campaign in SoftVu. If you leave this field blank, ClickPoint will send the Lead Source name as configured within your account. 

  • Default Product Name - Define the default product name. For example, always send over the product name of Refinance or Purchase. This is helpful if your Record Types only handle one product type as defined by your sales cycle. 

  • Product Lead Field Map - Select from a drop-down the ClickPoint field you want to send as the Product. 

  • Cell Phone Lead Field Map - Select from a drop-down the ClickPoint field you want to send as the Mobile Phone.
    Group Phone Lead Field Map - Select from a drop-down the Cli field you want to send as Phone.

  • Timezone for Timestamps - Select the timezone to display for the fields SoftVuEmailClickedTimestamp and SoftVuEmailOpenedTimestamp. 

  • Email - You will notice that there isn't a mapping option for email. We use the system status of email defined on your lead field automatically. 

For the following mapping options, ClickPoint will allow you to change the lead's status depending on the following SoftVu triggers. This is helpful if, for example, you want to automatically filter a lead to Not Interested status if they unsubscribe. 

  • Change Status On First Queued 

  • Change Status On First Delivered

  • Change Status On First Opened

  • Change Status On First Clicked

  • Change Status On First Optout

The following options allow you to update the numerical value set in the lead field
SoftVuSortPriority based on a triggering event from SoftVu. This is handy if you use the SoftVuSortPriority field as a criteria in your distribution strategy. 

  • Change Priority On First Queued

  • Change Priority On First Delivered

  • Change Priority On First Opened

  • Change Priority On First Clicked

  • Change Priority On First Optout

Status Maps

This section allows you the ability to send your lead statuses to SoftVu following a different naming convention. For example, you may have a ClickPoint status named AttemptingContact1 but need to post this information to SoftVu as NewLead. This allows you to map your new ClickPoint account to your existing SoftVu account. 

Note: When a lead changes a status, an update is automatically sent to SoftVu. We will always send the default status name configured ClickPoint if a mapping is not specified.

Lead Source Maps

This section gives you the ability to send your lead source name (which SoftVu uses in their campaigns) in ClickPoint across as a different naming convention. For example, you may have a Lead Source named in ClickPoint, but you need to send it to SoftVu as LendingTree. This allows you to map your new ClickPoint account to your existing SoftVu account.

Note: If this section is configured, it will override Default Lead Source Name, if it is configured at the beginning of the integration.

Saving your Settings

When you are complete with your mappings for your chosen Record Type, make sure you select Save Settings at the bottom of the screen. We recommend you do this after each Record Type configuration if you plan on doing multiple mappings. 

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