Sending Email Through Microsoft 365

Configure your account to send email through Microsoft 365.

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As a user, you can sync your Microsoft 365 account to ClickPoint LeadManager to send email. This allows your sales team to create a more personal touch while interacting with your leads.


  • Navigate to More > My Account and select Setup Email Sync.

  • Select and enable Use Email Sync to Send Email.

  • Select Authenticate next to Microsoft 365. This will prompt you to input your username and password for your Microsoft 365 account.

Using the Email Integration

Once the integration is configured, you can send email to leads directly through your Microsoft 365 account. Email is sent through the integration in the following cases:

  • When a user manually composes an email, or manually sends an email from a template.

  • When a user executes an action when that action is configured to send an email from a template.

  • When an automated event trigger sends an email from a template.

  • When a lead is sent through a nurture strategy.

    • This only applies if leads are assigned to a user prior to the nurture event sending an email. If leads are assigned to either the corporate or branch level, email is not sent through the Microsoft 365 account, and is instead sent through ClickPoint LeadManager. unless you synced an email to either the branch or corporate level.

Email Unsubscribes

ClickPoint LeadManager still observes your internally managed "do not email" list housed within your overall "do not contact" list.

  • Every email sent through the Microsoft 365 integration will still have an opt-out at the bottom of the email with the language of "If you would like to unsubscribe and stop receiving these emails click here" which brings a user to a generically branded unsubscribe page.

  • ClickPoint LeadManager prevents users from sending email to addresses that are flagged as Do Not Email.

Best Practices

  • Send a reasonable number of messages per day; we recommend no more than 700, as a rule of thumb.

  • Make sure your leads have opted in to receive emails from your organization.

  • Make sure your email content is personable and conversational.

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