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Sync Appointments with Microsoft 365 Calendar
Sync Appointments with Microsoft 365 Calendar

Sync your appointments created in SalesExec with your Microsoft 365 Calendar

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Users can sync their Appointments made via Actions, the Main Calendar, the Lead Manager Screen, or the Lead Details Screen to their Microsoft 365 Calendar.


This feature is available for use to any user who has an active SalesExec user seat. 

  • To configure, navigate to the Integrations page located within Settings.

  • Ensure you are logged into the correct Office365 account on your browser to avoid synchronization failures.

  • Within the Calendar Sync section of the Integrations Page, enable by selecting the toggle to Active. From here, select View. 

  • Select Authorize within the Microsoft 365 Settings. You may be prompted within a new tab in your default browser to authorize your Microsoft 365 credentials.

  • Following proper authentication, ClickPoint will go through and sync all of your appointments to your Microsoft 365 Calendar and all appointments from your Microsoft 365 Calendar to ClickPoint.

Removing Synced Appointments

  • You have the option to disable the sync process for any new appointments by disabling Sync within the Microsoft 365 Settings. Should you want to remove all synced events, simply select Clean. SalesExec will remove any appointments synced across both calendars.

Navigating to the lead within Microsoft 365.

  • The appointment synced to your Microsoft 365 account will include a link back to the lead in SalesExec. Select Show Lead within the appointment body. A new tab will open in your default browser, allowing easy navigation to the lead within SalesExec.

The Sync Process

  • When an appointment is created in SalesExec, that appointment is immediately synced to your Microsoft 365 Account. This sync includes any Attendees you have added to the appointment, providing those Attendees also have the integration enabled.

  • Updates to appointments that originated in SalesExec are immediately updated to your Microsoft 365 Calendar. 

  • Appointments originated within Microsoft 365, are synced to SalesExec every 15 minutes. This includes any changes made to any existing appointments within Microsoft 365.

  • Appointments created within Microsoft 365 are not editable appointments in SalesExec. Appointments created in SalesExec can be edited within Microsoft 365, however, those are not synced back into SalesExec.

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