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Use the shared calendar to access other users calendars, making it possible to set appointments for other salespeople

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Calendar in Main Menu

Calendar View

Calendar can be viewed in the following styles:

  • Day, Work Week, Week and Month ( 2 ) – The default is “Work Week” (current week)

  • Date Picker ( 3 ) – Displays a Calendar icon; once selected you can chose the date you’d like on the Calendar.

  • Agenda – Displays a quick view of Appointments scheduled, including the date, time and the event. Appointments will be color coded to differentiate the status of the Appointment. When viewing an Appointment you have the choice to open the actual Lead associated with the Appointment from the Calendar view.

Date Picker


Hover Calendar Quick View

Calendar Share and Permissions


  • Calendars Shared With You - Displays the name of the person the Calendar is shared with along with a Calendar icon. 

  • Permissions – Allows one to select who can view your Calendar.

  • Request Calendar – Allows for the ability to request the permission to view another Users Calendar.

Calendar Share - Request Calendar

Calendar Permissions

Appointment and Notifications

  • New Appointment – Allows for the creation of a New Appointment. There is also the ability to edit an Appointment once created.

  • Missed - Displays color coding of any Appointments missed.

  • Pending Appointment – Displays color coding of any pending Appointments.

New Appointment

Notifications Alert

Missed Appointments View

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