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ClickPoint LeadManager Screen
Using Toolbar to Navigate ClickPoint Software
Using Toolbar to Navigate ClickPoint Software

Use the toolbar to navigate to the various parts of ClickPoint with the collapsed toolbar feature.

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This will assist with guidance regarding how the Menu works and the use of each area of the Menu.

Note: Depending on the level of permissions for your specific ClickPoint account, you may not have all of the below options visible. Should you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to your ClickPoint administrator within your organization. 

Main View

  • Drop down menu - appears when clicking on the arrow beneath the name you are signed in as.

Menu Drop Down

  • Settings - The Settings page will house multiple tools for Account Management, this is typically reserved for those with Administrator permissions.

  • My Account - The My Account page is a page for the individual user to view and edit their personal data, view a How To Article Here

  • Set as Home - Use this for setting a certain page as your Home Page. For example, as a User, you may want to have a specific Workflow from My Lead set as your Home Page. Simply navigate to the desired page and select Set as Home.

  • Logout - Simply click Logout and you are now logged out of ClickPoint, we recommend logging out at the end of your shift every day.

Main Menu Options

Main Menu includes

  • Home - Wherever you are in ClickPoint, click Home and you will be routed to the page you have set as your Home page. 

  • Calendar - The Calendar page is for viewing and editing Appointments added to leads or you can add Appointments to your Calendar that are not related to Leads to help better manage your schedule. please view the How To Article Here.

  • My Leads - The My Leads or Lead Management Screen (LMS) is the page where your leads are located, you manage your Leads here, please view the How To Article Here.

My Leads sub-menu

  • Contacts - The Contacts page is for viewing, adding/editing Contacts, please view the How To Article Here

  • Products - The Products page is for viewing, adding/editing Products, please view the How To Article Here

  • Reports - The Reports page is a central location which houses a large variety of Reports which can be filtered depending on the data you require, to learn more about Reports please view the Reports Category Here

  • Pull - The Pull page is solely for those who Pull Leads from a Pull Distribution.

Help Section

  • Help - Use this if you have any questions. You can either chat with our support team, view page tours, or reference the knowledge base from a click of a button. 

Collapse and Expand

  • Collapse/Expand (arrows) - Use this to maximize or minimize the toolbar. Once the toolbar is minimized the same menu choices are available, displaying icons only.

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