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Transferring Leads in ClickPoint Mobile
Transferring Leads in ClickPoint Mobile

Manually transfer leads from the 'Home' and 'My Leads' lists

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Manually Transferring leads in ClickPoint Mobile can be done individually or in bulk using multi select. To Transfer leads a user must have the Transfer permission assigned to either their user account or through an assigned User Role. Transfer options are determined by the user's Access Levels or Access Account settings. These settings will determine which users or branches the user can assign a lead to.

More information regarding User Roles and access can be found from the following link. 

Transferring leads individually can be done through the following methods.

  • Quick Menu from the 'Home' or 'My Leads' lists

  • By opening the lead and invoking a transfer from the Lead Details Screen 

Single Lead Transfers

To invoke a single lead transfer from the Quick Menu, select the button as seen below from either the 'Home or 'My Leads' lists.

Pushing the Transfer button from the Quick Menu will open the Transfer screen.

To transfer a lead from the Lead Details Screen, open the lead and select the Transfer button as seen below.

Transferring Multiple Leads

To invoke lead transfer on multiple leads, press the Select button from either the 'Home' or 'My Leads' lists as seen below.

After pressing Select, multiple leads may be added to your selection for transfer.

After making your lead selection, press the Transfer button as seen below. 

Upon pressing the Transfer button, the Transfer screen will load.

Using the Transfer Screen

After initiating either a single lead or multi-lead transfer, the Transfer screen will be presented with the following options.  

Transfer Destination 

  • Shows where the lead(s) will be transferred upon pressing the Transfer button

Choose a Transfer Destination

Transfer Destination allows a hierarchical selection based on the ClickPoint account configuration. The user's Access Account or Access Levels will determine the drop-down options for each tier of the hierarchy. Default drop downs are Corporate, Branch, and Agent.


When 'Transfer Appointments' is selected, the lead(s) currently assigned appointments will be assigned to the user the lead(s) are transferred to. 

Assign to Me 

The assign to me option will transfer the lead selection to the user invoking the transfer. 

To process the transfer, the Transfer button on the top right-hand side of the screen must be selected.


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