Add a New Lead

Follow these steps to manually add a lead

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  1. Log into ClickPoint and navigate to the Lead Manager Screen - click My Leads, then select the appropriate Workflow name.

    *Please note that Record Type and Workflow names are customizable - what you see in the My Leads navigation menu will differ from this screenshot.

  2. Click the New Lead button on the top toolbar.

  3. Fill in the appropriate lead data for your available lead fields.

    You will be required to add a Lead Source in the Lead Details section before you can save the new lead record.

    Once you've added your data and Lead Source, you can view your Save options by clicking the green dropdown button in the top right. The three Save options are:

    - Save & Open - Saves the lead opens the new lead's details page.
    - Save & Add New - Saves the lead and opens another Add New Lead page.
    - Save & Close - Saves the lead and takes you back to the Lead Manager Screen.

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