How to Add a Lead

Adding new leads to the Lead Manager

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As a user, you may find you need to add a lead manually. This is done easily from the Lead Manager Screen and selecting New Lead.

How to Add a Lead 

New Lead button

  • Go to My Leads > select the appropriate Workflow in the desired Record Type. 

  • Select New Lead from the Tool Bar or the Right-Click menu. 

  • Fill in the appropriate lead field data. The fields visible are configured based on which has Quick Add/ Edit enabled. 

  • To work the lead right away select Save and Open.

  • Save and Add New – this saves your new lead and brings up another empty add New Lead modal to fill out.

  • Save and Close – this saves your new lead and brings you back to your My Leads (LMS) page.

Additional Features with add New Lead

  • Select the appropriate Marketing Channel, Lead Source or Campaign within Lead Details section, based on your business rules. 

Note: If you don't know which marketing information to add, be sure to check with your Sales Manager/ Marketing Team.

  • Workflow – Defaults to the first status within your Record Type which is configured as a system status of New Lead. 

  • You can also select an Action from the Add Lead page as well if you already know the disposition of the call. 

Add Lead page

  • Under Lead Assignment, you can either assign the lead to yourself, a Branch, the Corporate Level or even to another user. 

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