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Using Actions to Update Leads

Update actions like called and emailed which will move leads through your sales workflow in conjunction with updating lead status.

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To Action a Lead is to Disposition a Lead. The key to your lead management success as an Agent is to always Action your lead, this marks your lead with each Action or Status to keep leads organized, as well as allow you to work your leads more effectively in a timely manner.

Using Actions

  • Perform an Action – Highlight the lead, either by marking the check mark box or clicking in the lead line.

Go to My Leads screen

Select required leads and locate Actions menu

  • Select the Actions icon located on the column header above the leads, or by clicking the small bolt icon located to the far left of the lead information.

  • Once a lead is opened and being viewed you can also perform an action, click the drop-down arrow located on the Actions button towards the top right-hand side of the lead details page.

Perform action from Lead Details page

Note: Actions are also known as dispositions. These must be performed to appropriately move the lead through the Sales Workflow.

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