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How to Close a Lead from Lead Manager
How to Close a Lead from Lead Manager

Update status of a lead to closed moving the lead to a won or closed status, feeding reports and ensuring the end of a lead lifecycle.

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Closing a Lead provides data for numerous reports that attribute Sales/Closed Deals to specific Users/Lead Sources. It is important that Leads are appropriately marked as Closed for reporting to be accurate.

Close Lead Action Operation 

The Close Lead Action Operation can be added to any Action within the Workflow Editor and it allows for 3 Selection Options:

  • Self - will credit the Close Lead Action to the User taking the Action. 

  • Specified User - will display a pop up modal window when the Close Lead Action is taken to select who credit should be applied to. 

  • Current Assignment - will Credit the Close Lead Action to the User the lead is assigned to.

Manual Close Lead Permission

The Manual Close Lead Permission will enable Users with this permission to select a Lead and identify it as Closed without taking an Action or moving the Lead.

  • From the Lead Manager Screen, a User with the appropriate permission can designate leads as Closed through the Update option.

Close a Lead from My Leads screen

  • Manually Closing the Lead will give the User the option to Credit the Close (or Sale) to themselves, the User the Lead is currently assigned to, or provide a list of Users to select from to give those Users the Close.

Give Credit when closing a lead

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