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How to Return Leads from the Lead Manager Screen
How to Return Leads from the Lead Manager Screen

Returning leads is vital to ensure your bad leads get back to the lead sources that provided them

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To Return a Lead is to Remove a Lead. Once a Lead is Returned it is removed from view in My Leads unless specifically searched for.

Returning a Lead

My Leads

  • Go To My Leads ( 1 ) and select the desired Workflow.

  • Select the Lead by checking the checkmark box or by simply clicking anywhere on the Lead to highlight the Lead.

Update lead

  • Next, select the Update icon located on the column header toolbar above the Leads, or click on the small pencil icon located to the far left of the Lead information.

Return lead

  • Select Return, the ‘Return a Lead’ modal will pop up, enter a Return Reason and then click Save to successfully Return the Lead.

  • You can also Return more than one Lead at a time by using Shift + Left Mouse Button Click (like you would in an Excel sheet when selecting multiple rows). If you have selected more than one Lead to Return, select the 'Enable for All Leads' checkbox if you want to give the same reason for all leads you are returning.

    Return Multiple Leads

Note: Do keep in mind this removes the Lead, but it can be searched for via Quick Search as well as the All Leads button on the Lead Manager Screen providing the user has the appropriate permissions to do so.

How to Filter Leads to show Returned leads

  • Navigate to the toolbar on the Lead Manager Screen.

  • Click on All Leads to the right-hand side of the toolbar.

  • Select Show All Leads. This will group all leads by the record type, regardless of the Workflow a lead is in.

  • To update the Lead Manager Screen to only show returned leads, make sure to select to hide Invalid, Valid, and Accepted leads. Your selection should look like that of All Leads - Rejected Leads image below.

All Leads - Rejected Leads

  • You can tell that a lead is returned when the columns Is Returned is set to True and there is a reason listed. If a lead was returned in error, simply select it and then select

Note: When using the All Leads button, a good practice is to ensure you have the ‘From’ and ‘To’ Date set to the desired date range based on when the lead was added. This date picker is located to the far left of the Lead Manager Screen column header toolbar.

Returned Leads

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