Editing Lead Fields - Duplicate Check

Using duplicate check will ensure bad leads from multiple sources do not make their way to your sales floor

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Duplicate Check is a set of rules and fields you can add to a checklist to prevent duplicate leads being added to ClickPoint. This can be a very important piece to managing Sales Leads as this will remove any duplicate leads and will remove the possibility of possibly working the same lead multiple times or by multiple Users.

A duplicate check consists of one or more sets. If any set matches an existing lead, the incoming lead is considered a duplicate. A duplicate set consists of one or more fields. If all fields match an existing lead, the set considers the lead as a duplicate and the record will not be inserted into ClickPoint as a lead.

  • Select More > Settings > Create Lead Fields

  • Select the record type ("Pencil" for Options)

  • 3rd tab, Duplicate Checks

  • Select Add Duplicate Set

  • Click Add Field and you will have a dropdown of fields to select from, chose a field

  • Click Rebuild to initiate performance optimization for your duplicate set
    Note: Rebuild functionality is coming soon and until rebuilds are available, all of your duplicate sets will automatically be in the 'Active' status

Duplicate Checks

Note: there is a Lookback (hours) field, this is defaulted to 720 hours but you can change this to what your business standard is.

Adding Fields and Rebuilding 

There are ‘And’ and ‘Or’ rules.

  • Example: If you have 2 fields in one Duplicate Set, this is an ‘And’ rule. This means that when a lead is created, it is evaluated against field one AND field two within your Duplicate Set. In the above image, you will see that there is a duplicate check on First Name and Last Name. Both values have to match the lead exactly to get flagged as a duplicate. 

  • If you want an ‘Or’ rule, you would add multiple Duplicate Sets by clicking Add Duplicate Set and adding one field to each set. This works by evaluating against the first duplicate set, and if it passes, the check is done against the second set. 

  • Duplicate check is evaluated against exact matching. ClickPoint checks against white spaces, special characters and character casing.

Duplicate Check Status Definitions (Coming Soon) 

Active: The duplicate set is enabled and needs no additional action.

Needs Rebuild: This duplicate set is running in a less-than-optimal configuration. A Rebuild button will be visible to initiate a process to improve performance.

Building: This duplicate set is currently rebuilding. Upon rebuild completion, it will revert to Active.

Note: all visible Duplicate Sets will operate, regardless of the build status, but Active sets will generally find results much faster.

Additional Duplicate Check Information

  • If a file is imported via the Import Utility, the file will give a list of what failed/rejected. If leads are posted in via a Lead Provider, the response from ClickPoint will denote to them if a lead is flagged as a duplicate. 

  • In general, you should try and keep duplicate leads from your ClickPoint account. Having multiple users working the "same" lead could cause for a negative consumer experience. 

Accessing the Rejected Duplicate List

To access the Rejected Duplicate List from the Lead Manager Screen, a user will need to be assigned the requisite permission, View Rejected Duplicates, on their User Role.

View Rejected Duplicates User Role Permission

If the User Role Permission is enabled, the user will be able to select View Rejected Duplicates from their Lead Manager Screen Filters.

View Rejected Duplicates Filter for the Lead Manager Screen

Secondary Access to the Rejected Duplicate List

Additionally, if a user has access to the Managed Lead Types permission, they will also have access to the Rejected Duplicate List from the Duplicate Checks tab on the Lead Type editor page.

Manage Lead Types Permission 

Rejected Duplicate List

The Rejected Duplicate List page contains all records that have failed your duplicate check.  From this page you can both view your duplicates and validate any record as a lead.

  • From The Duplicate Checks tab, select Rejected Duplicate list

  • Select the eye icon to view the duplicate lead details for any of the records from within the duplicates list

  • From here you can view all pertinent information about the duplicate

  • Select the Validate button if you wish to validate the record as a workable lead

Validating a duplicate record as a lead 

Additional Rejected Duplicate List Information 

The Rejected Duplicate List page allows for filtering your list on the following parameters.

  • Date range

  • Record Type

  • Source

  • Marketing Channel

Additionally, the page supports wild card searches and a column picker based on the above filter options.

 Duplicate Lead Details

After selecting a duplicate record, the Duplicate Lead Details window will display. The window provides the following information.

  • Record Information
    Contains all pertinent insertion information such as rejected date/time and Record Type information. A validate time and Open Lead link will display if the record was manually validated. 

  • Record Data
    Contains all lead field data from time of insertion. 

  • Check Results
    This section will list each field that triggered a duplicate failure based on your configured duplicate check. Additionally, you will be presented with an Open Lead link that will display the original valid lead.

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