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Set Up a Duplicate Check
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A Duplicate Check is a set of rules and fields you can add to a checklist to prevent duplicate leads from being added to ClickPoint. This can be a very important piece to managing sales leads as this will remove any duplicate leads and will remove the possibility of working the same lead multiple times or by multiple users.

A duplicate check consists of one or more sets. If any set matches an existing lead, the incoming lead is considered a duplicate. A duplicate set consists of one or more fields. If all fields match an existing lead, the set considers the lead as a duplicate and the record will not be inserted into ClickPoint as a lead.

To set up a duplicate check...

  1. Navigate to More > Settings > Lead Fields.

  2. Click Edit for the Record Type you want to add a duplicate check to (you may only have one record type available).

  3. Click the Duplicate Checks tab.

  4. Click Add Duplicate Set to add a new set of duplicate check rules.

  5. Click Add Field to define a data field that the system will check on to determine if a lead is a duplicate. Select a field from the dropdown list

  6. The Lookback (hours) field defaults to 720 hours (30 days), but you can change this to meet your business standard.

Pro Tip: Multiple lead fields in a single duplicate set will be evaluated with an "and" statement, meaning both fields will need to match with data from an existing record for the new lead to be identified as a duplicate.
On the other hand, multiple duplicate sets will be evaluated with an "or" statement, meaning that if the criteria from either duplicate set results in a match a record will be identified as a duplicate.
Additionally, the duplicate check evaluates exact matches. Blank space, special characters, and upper and lower case characters are a factor in duplicate check matching.

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