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Inbound Call Routing - Create a Lead from Call

How to initiate lead creation on inbound call using the RingResponse IVR call flow

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Lead Node

How to Use This Node

Lead Node Options

Lead Handling

  • If lead don't exist, create a new one - This is likely going to be your default for most Call Flows. RingResponse uses the phone number located in the system field = phone, lead field to do the lead lookup. If RingResponse can't find a match, a new lead is created for you using the Marketing Channel, Lead Source and Campaign specified on the dialed number. If there are multiple leads with the same phone number, RingResponse will present the most recently added one.

    When creating a new lead automatically through RingResponse, your Required Fields are ignored as ClickPoint can't capture data outside of the city, state, zip code as well as the phone number, in which the number was registered in. RingResponse uses your specified System Fields to populate this data when creating a new lead.

    Note: If you have a duplicate check set on just a phone number, and a match is found on a Returned lead, ClickPoint will reject the newly created lead. However, the call will still route through your call flow. In these instances, the call won't have a screen pop option, and the user will have to create a lead manually.

  • Always create a new lead - Use this if you always want a lead to be created. This is great to use for those inbound call flows where you  know it is always going to be a new prospect. 

  • Assign lead to agent that answers the call - This is generally going to be always enabled for most Call Flows. When a lead enters a call flow, the RingResponse user who answers the call will have a lead automatically assigned. 

Note: One good reason to have Assign lead to agent that answers the call feature disabled is if you need to have a call route to a Customer Service Team but don't want to assign the original lead away from a sales agent.

Use Cases

  • This node is likely going to be a part of 95% of your Call Flows. This node is needed if you want to do things like lead screen pops, link call recordings etc. 

  • The other 5% may be those Call Flows in which you wish to route a call that may not belong to a lead, to an external phone number inside or outside of your organization. 

Use Case

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