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Configuring an Inbound Call Tracking Number

Purchase a phone number and use it for inbound call tracking. Track inbound calls from online or offline marketing and route instantly

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After a number is purchased, it can be configured to handle inbound calls, make outbound calls or do both. In this article, we will discuss configuration related to inbound calls.

Configure a Number

Configuring for Inbound Calls

  • Select Configure within the Manage Numbers screen to open the configuration window. 

  • On the Allow Inbound section, an administrator can configure the Record Type, Marketing Channel, Lead Source, Campaign and the Call Flow. 

Note: Allow Outbound is discussed within another article.

  • Configuring the Record Type and marketing information is important. This information is used in the event a new lead is created automatically based on the call flow. The Call Flow is used as the entry point for a phone number. Perhaps you want to purchase a Toll-Free number for a summer sale. The phone number is then assigned to a call flow to act as an entry point. 

  • Make sure to configure Call Recordings in your Queue Node within your Call Flow. 

Note: Consider using one inbound phone number per Campaign in ClickPoint. This will make it easier when reconciling Marketing Performance.

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