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Managing Call Backs

Setup a call flow to manage call backs from your outbound numbers so that a member of your sales team always answers.

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Call Back Node

How to Use This Node

Connect to Agent Options

The Call Back node is broken into the primary node and a sub-node called Connect to Agent . The Connect to Agent node has the following configuration options:

Call Notification Type

  • Browser Notification: Allows a user to accept and answer inbound callbacks, or inbound calls through the browser.

  • Ring Through: Allows a user to accept a call directly through their soft-phone or desktop phone. On answer, a user hears a whisper message to press 1 to accept or 2 to decline.

  • All: Allows a user to accept calls through either the browser OR their desktop phone.

Distribute To

  • Online Users: Only distributes calls to users who are active and logged into the ClickPoint application. 

  • All Users: Allows calls to distribute to users who are both logged in or out of the ClickPoint application. This feature is useful if you need to accept phone calls while you are away from your desk (for example, a cell phone).


  • Allows you to specify how long the user's phone will ring before evaluating through the On Agent Not Available option of the call flow node.

Record Calls 

  • Gives you the option to record the incoming call. 

Note: If you plan on recording calls, make sure to use a Play/Say node to announce to the lead the call may be recorded.

Use Cases

Note: In order for this node to work, the user must make a connection with the lead (since outbound local numbers are shared among your team). 

A connection is considered those instances where the lead answers the call or the user reached the lead's voicemail. If a connection is not made, on call back, the call will always route through Call Back = No leg of the call flow. 

  • Handling call backs when conducting outbound dials - When you outbound dial using local presence or through the use of a default number, there will be instances where the lead may call back the phone number on their Caller ID. In these instances, you would build a single Call Back call flow. From here, point all of your outbound numbers to this call flow under the section Inbound Calls found within the Number Configuration options.

    This way, on any inbound call, it is always evaluated against this call flow. ClickPoint will look for the last user to dial the lead and attempt to route the call. You will be required to specify at a minimum, the Record Type and Lead Source. This is for those instances the lead isn't found and a new one must be generated. 

Use Case

Configure Number for Call Backs

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