Call Notification Options

Enable Browser notifications or Ring Through notifications to alert your sales teams of an incoming call.

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As an administrator, you can choose how you want to alert your teams of incoming calls. These configurations are handled within the Queue node and Connect to Agent (for Callbacks) node.

General Configuration Options

The Browser Notification and Ring Through options are configurable items on both the Queue and Connect to Agent call flow nodes.

Connect to Agent Configuration options

Call Notification Type

  • Browser Notification: Allows a user to accept and answer inbound callbacks, or inbound calls through the browser.

  • Ring Through: Allows a user to accept a call directly through their soft-phone or desktop phone. On answer, a user hears a whisper message to press 1 to accept or 2 to decline.

  • All: Allows a user to accept calls through either the browser OR their desktop phone.

Distribute To

  • Online Users: Only distributes calls to users who are active and logged into the ClickPoint application. 

  • All Users: Allows calls to distribute to users who are both logged in or out of the ClickPoint application. This feature is useful if you need to accept phone calls while you are away from your desk (for example, a cell phone).

    • Note: Even if you are not logged in to your ClickPoint Software account, your account must still be set as Available.

Queue Configuration Options


When you elect to use the Ring Through option, each time the ClickPoint application connects to a user's phone, and that user answers, there will be a $0.02 charge for each connection attempt. 

For example, if you elect to use Ring Through for Shotgun Routing, and five users answer a call, via their softphone at the same time, there would be a connection fee of $0.10 applied to your account. The first user to accept the call by pressing 1, would win the call.

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