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Receiving an Inbound Call

Receive an inbound call, use screen pops, to quickly work your leads and close more deals.

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Receiving an Inbound Call Through the Browser

  • On an inbound call, you will receive a notification and the toolbar will update to show the incoming call information. It could be a transfer call to you from another user or an inbound call directly from a lead. Select Answer to take the call. 

  • You can open a lead and navigate to the Lead Details Screen by selecting the Lead Name shown below. When the call is answered, the lead associated with the call is automatically assigned to the user.

RingResponse - Inbound Call

Inbound Call

  • A user can deny a call as well by selecting Decline. If the call is from a lead and depending on call flow settings, another user who is a part of the same call flow will have an opportunity to answer. If it is a transfer from another ClickPoint user, they will be notified that you denied the transfer. 

  • As a user, you also have the option to set yourself as Unavailable. By doing so, will prevent incoming calls from being transferred to you from other users or through configured inbound call flows. You can make yourself available and unavailable at any time.

RingResponse - Set yourself as unavailable

Set Yourself as Unavailable

Note:  Depending on call flow configuration, automatic cool periods are configured before receiving your next call. This allows you the opportunity to make notes on your lead or determine the outcome before taking the next call. You should consult with your ClickPoint administrator for these times.

Accepting an Inbound Call using Ring Through

Note: This is a setting that is configured within the Call Flow. If you are unsure if you can accept calls via your desktop or soft-phone application, please reach out to your manager or supervisor. 

If Ring Through is configured for the Inbound Calls, as a user, you will receive a call directly to your desktop or soft-phone application. On answer, a whisper message will alert you to either Press 1 to Accept or Press 2 to Decline.

Accepting a Call through WebRTC

  • If the WebRTC update is enabled, you will receive a pop-up web client that we use to handle the call.

  • This update will remove the dependency for us to connect you to your direct phone as configured within My Account to accept the call. Please note, if your call flow is configured to use Ring Through, you will still need a direct phone line configured within your account.

  • When you accept an inbound call, you will see a popup that is used to connect you to the lead directly. You may be prompted to allow us to use your microphone. Please make sure you select Allow.

WebClient Popup

  • Note: If you close this window during a call, the call will be dropped. Also, if you close this window after your call is completed, whenever you accept another inbound call, we will pop this window for you. You are free to leave it minimized.

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